Wednesday, December 20, 2006


This guy is gorgeous. Because I'm feeling rather generous today, I decided on treating my hags and fellow gays to triple the fun. One picture of this cutie just wouldn't have been sufficient enough.

Now this guy is just a teaser. He knows exactly what he's doing and doesn't seem to care. Obviously he enjoys spending his leisure time lathering on the oil while showing off his pelvic region.

Never in my life have I seen such a smooth chest. Many people define masculinity as having a hairy chest or simply being covered in a layer of wispy fur in altogether. I define masculinity as anything that forces me to adjust my boxer briefs.

Occasionally I post pictures of men from my past, whether it's simply acquaintances whom I've lost contact with over time or brief flings from my sordid relationships of yore. This guy was someone I used to chat with a while back who lived in Wayne, New Jersey. His name is Sammy and I'll never forget our short yet wonderful friendship.

I'm not sure why I find this particular guy attractive as he's not my usual "type." Maybe it's the bow tie or possibly the sneaky little thumb in his speedo that does it for me. Regardless the mysterious attraction, I've noticed that his left pec seems larger than his right. Call me cooky but it's the slight imperfections in guys that I gravitate towards.

Ahhh, Mr. November. What can I say? You obviously enjoy grabbing the handlebar of that bike with the same fervor in which you enjoy grabbing your... um... nevermind. This is not the time nor place to be using pornographic analogies.

Puckering your lips to show your admiration and pride for your favorite baseball team has never looked more... well... sexy. A nice healthy pair of lips and a well-toned, non-faggy body keeps me constantly applying lip balm and doing those extra ten push-ups for competitive measure.

Javier (I used to call him Javey) was someone I met when I was invited to a party some time ago. I kept in touch with him via email and phone, but within the past three years, I've lost complete contact with him. Time to search for his phone number folks, for it's time to get laid.

Because I'm a freak, it was inevitable that I had to throw in a gratuitous ass pic. What good is a list of men without the obligatory ASS PHOTO? Not only does his cute ass match his cute face, he also looks hot with that black tank top. It's all about the ass bitches.

Barely wearing a speedo, this guy caught my attention simply for the fact that his hair is all messy yet he remains cute as hell. His itty bitty top lip hangs over his bottom lip in a delectable manner. Yummo.

It's no surprise that these guys are professional strippers. Professional strippers tend to have this trademark "come fuck me" look that apparently enables them to rake in the cash faster than Rosie O'Donnell can gorge on a rack of lamb. Sorry Rosie, I had to.

Last but definitely not least is a guy who can't seem to keep all the silly paint on the paintbrush. Instead, he finds it amusing to splish-splash his amazingly defined torso with sexy abandon. A little criss-cross here, a little criss-cross there, passing the time by marvelously peppering his abs and chest with paint is the ideal way to spend a quiet afternoon. Hot damn!!

And that my friends is a list of guys who happened to stand out and grip my undivided attention. Not just anyone qualifies to make it onto my lists, so these dudes ought to thank me in person. I'll be waiting with my neck tie and ankle socks (it's a gay thing people).

PS. Feel free to leave a comment sharing your interest in any of the above hunks. I'm curious to see who finds who attractive and delectable to the eye. Love you bitches!!


Blogger M- Filer said...

I think I'd have to go with Sammy and Javier, and maybe you can throw in the black teaser dude with all the oil......yeah definetly throw him in there.

2:33 AM  
Blogger WAT said...

Give me all of dem for Xmas! Fucking hell man. These dudes are red hot and making WAT here very very horny.

3:57 AM  

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