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The Spartan army was known as the "Army of Lovers." It consisted of the strongest, bravest, and most fearless homosexual men who did everything together—they fought together, slept together, ate together, had fun together, and had sex together. Their strength involved not only their dedication to Greece, but their love for one another as well. While fighting they always kept in mind the protection of their lovers fighting at their sides.

Now the homophobes in Hollywood have stripped us of our pride and history by turning the glory of this legendary army into a bunch of heterosexual warriors who couldn't keep their minds off of their wives' titties throughout the movie. Furthermore, the movie is awash with heterosexual love-making scenes, and to add insult to injury, the single most negative character they depicted, the King of the Persians, was clearly made out to be homosexual. They make him into a parody of a gay man with long painted nails, lipstick, thin eyebrows, tons of earrings, and feminine costumes. The Spartans did not love women, they used them only for reproduction. Historical books document that Spartan men came to women only to inseminate them, in the darkness, no less. There were no wives or marriages.

Thanks Rad Homo for the heads up.


Blogger Gavin Elster said...

I would highly doubt any major studio would include aspects of a culture that promoted same sex military releationships. Spartans mainly used young boys as companions and moral builders. Basiclly pedophiles.
If they included that aspect would that have made a BETTER film?
While that type of relationship was acceptible then it is not now. I don't think the average FOX watcher would be able to uderstand that. I would much rather see a clearly positive gay portrayal. Yep... I'm saying its too soon for a western-world film to contain that type of honesty.

1:58 PM  
Blogger WAT said...

Thanks for this post! Yes, I noticed while watching the film how hard they tried in portraying the Spartans as fiercely hetero. It was so contrived!

Meanwhile, the Persians were very liberal, homoerotic, and Xerxes himself had a lair full of active lesbos!

Very good point made here, and something I did actually notice, however subtle it was in the film.

3:39 PM  
Blogger RAD Homo said...

I know.... this is not surprising as this has happen to a ton of history that has been changed readapted to be more PC or any event it makes me wanna go all Spartan tonite in bed! Its just so hot to think about it all!!!

6:38 PM  
Blogger Marko said...

Wow! Another great post. I guess I never really looked at it like this. Awesome!

9:32 AM  
Blogger Vjeko said...

Very good point and very good post! But hey, what to expect, they even hesitate to show that Alexander the Great was gay.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you've got your Greek history a bit mixed up. The "army of lovers" was actually the sacred band of Thebes, which also consisted of 300 warriors. It was defeated and destroyed by Alexander the Great, who refused to let his men desecrate the fallen warriors. He also had them buried, allowing them to cross the river Styx and enter the Elysian Fields, which was the Greek version of Heaven.

3:28 PM  

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